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Call using the computer

All the Betamax/Dellmont programs offer to download free of charge convenient applications in many different languages for making calls.

How to install the application you can find here.

There are several ways of making calls with the help of application:

Using your keyboard enter telephone number in the international format into the text box

Enter the username from your contact list

Click twice on the username

Use the Dialpad to enter the number like on the common telephone

Please, take into consideration, that making call (even if it is local) you must always enter the number in the international format.

To make calls you need to top-up your account with the minimum amount 10 EUR or 10 USD, depending on the program you had chosen.

On our website you can top-up the Betamax/Dellmont account in any currency.

The other ways of making calls:
Using Phone-to-Phone

What is Betamax/Dellmont