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Call using Phone-To-Phone (DIRECTCALL)

Phone-To-Phone (DIRECTCALL) is the way of connection when the first phone receives the call, then the second one, and then both subscribers are connected between each other. As calls for both subscribers are incoming, the fee is charged at the rates of VoIP-provider (that is considerably cheaper than the traditional connection). To talk on the phone is more convenient than to use computer, microphone and headphones. This way is especially good if you have unstable internet connection.

The price is made up of three components:
One-time fee for connection
Fee per minute for incoming call
Fee per minute for outgoing call

E.g. (10.06.2012 for operator
The price of connection for two telephone numbers in Russia (mobile and landline) will be 0,089$ for the first minute: 0,035$ (mobile) + 0,015$ (landline) + 0,039$ for connection. And 0,05$ for every following minute: 0,035$ (mobile) + 0,015$ (landline).

Attention! If both numbers are referred to free destinations, the number of free minutes is counted for both subscribers. So to count how many minutes have been spent, you need to multiply the duration of the call by two.

You can use this service with the help of PC app (for OS Windows), or on your VoIP-operator website (if you use some other OS).

Step-by-step instruction of using PC app:

Start the PC app of your VoIP-operator.

Open the tub "Phone2Phone". Enter your telephone number in the first field, and the number which you are going to call in the second field. Press "Call".

When your telephone rings, pick it up and wait for connection.

To use this service on the operator’s website find the point "phone-to-phone" in the menu “Call options”. Fill in the fields the same way as it is described in the instruction for application.

All the calls are charged at the rates of your operator. The fee for such connection is usually not more than 0.05EUR. Some operators provide this service for free.

After pushing the “call” button you will see the price per every minute of connection and the duration of current call.

If both numbers are in the countries without rate fixing, you will pay only for connection, the call itself will be free of charge. (Take a look at your operator’s rates to find free destinations).

To make calls you need to top-up your account with the minimum amount 10 EUR or 10 USD, depending on the program you had chosen.

On our website you can top-up the Betamax/Dellmont account in any currency.

The other ways of making calls:
Using PC app
Using SIP device
Using mobile app

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